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I was on the new and improved Lowden Guitars site. There is a fantastic slide show showing George building one of his masterpieces.

Watch and be amazed.

Snowboarding and short cut capos.

I started downhill skiing years ago. Loved it. Even taught it for a while. But after a time, it got a little stale, and I ended up mainly helping others as they got started.

Then one day my kids talked me into trying snowboarding. It was like skiing was new, all over again. It was still heading down a snowy mountainside, working on balance, turning, jumps and the like. But it was different enough that I fell in love with the sport all over again.

My good buddy Ken Kipp gave me a little present a couple of weeks ago. A short cut capo. And I watched a great little video on open tunings and DADGAD tuning by one of my songwriting heros, David Wilcox.

Now I can't keep my hands off the guitar. I've done drop D stuff for years, but now it's like a whole new world is opening up. If you've got any good links on instructional videos using special tunings and capo's, let me know. I found the Kayser company that makes the capo has three on their site. Unfortunately the second one's quality of streaming is rubbish. The other two in QuickTime are great. (Did I mention the middle one's in WMF format?) Let me know what you find.



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