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Olson guitars are amazing, and the people playing them are even more amazing. On their website you can see both in action.

There's well over an hour of videos of great songwriters and guitarists like James Taylor, David Wilcox, Chet Atkins, Leo Kottke, Phil Keaggy, Arthur Lee Land, Bill Cooley, Justin Hayward (Moody Blues) and John Cole. Enjoy!

Music Video: Rewind

Here's another new one (OK, I finished it about two hours ago...) Hopefully people will relate. I think most of us have wanted to rewind our lives. I'm just glad that it doesn't stop where the song ends. That's what the Gospel is all about. Hopefully my life is a clear example of what second chances are all about.


©2006 Noel Durand Robinson

There are times for reminiscing
And then times to look ahead
One can make my eyes turn misty
And one fills my heart with dread
But the time that lies between them
Holds a trouble all its own
With so much of life behind me
And so little left to show

Where's the rewind?
Can't I just begin again?
Where's the rewind
That resets this life I'm in
To try once more to live and love
The way I'd hoped I would
Yes, I'd gladly press the rewind if I could

I'd be careful with my money
I'd be kinder to my spouse
I'd be quick to lend a helping hand
And slower with my mouth
I would be the first to volunteer
And last to say goodbye
I'd be all the things I know I'm not
At least I hope I'd try
(repeat chorus)

I ignore the things I should do
While I do the things I hate
And I've learned to live
With failure and with shame
I've heard every day is like a new beginning
But if I don't change
They'll all turn out the same
(chorus to end)

Music Video: I Think About You

I just finished my first two songs written using the short cut capo on the Lowden. I can hardly resist playing these days. Anyway, here's one of them called "I Think About You". Let me know what you think. It's a fresh imprint and the cement's still wet, so comments are appreciated.

PS. is down. I decided to try hosting it on YouTube to see if it's any different. Your feedback is appreciated on how it works for you.

I Think About You
©2006 Noel Durand Robinson

Verse 1
As the night slips into dawn
I watch another day begin
And think about you

All the colors come to life
I feel the warmth upon my skin
And think about you

I'm amazed by all this beauty
but the greatest mystery
Is the wonder that in all the world
You'd love someone like me
I think about you...

Verse 2
When I hold a newborn baby
Or smell flowers in the spring
I think about you

When I see the snow in winter
Or hear songbirds as they sing
I think about you
(repeat chorus then bridge)

(instrumental verse and chorus)

Verse 3
As the red and yellow sunset
melts to evening's blues and grays
I think about you

In the stillness of this starry night
I can almost hear you say
I think about you...
(repeat chorus and fade to end)


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