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Music Video: The Way it Goes Down

I wrote the lyrics to this tune many years ago, but was never happy with the music accompaniment I was trying to force myself to write in. Then last year I picked up the lyrics after listening to some of my favorite old school rockers and the chords and melody just came together.

Why is it that we're better at self-destructive tendencies than healthy ones? This tune is not exactly a "hey let's listen to "The Way it Goes Down" and get cheered up" kind of song. But then neither are the stories Ecclesiastes from the Bible. But God used them in my life to help me recognize that the world is broken and only he can make it right.

This is for all of us who can see ourselves or someone we love in one of the stories.


Music Video: Why, Why, Why

I penned the original version of this song while living in Brussels, Belgium. The city was covered with signs of progress in some ways and insufferable loss in others. Why? Does it have to be like this?

I love my daughter's church in Denver, Scum of the Earth. I'll never look at homeless people the same. I loved the fact that at Scum we didn't just "feed" the homeless. We shared a meal each week with these people whose journey has taken them through things that grieve the heart of God and should awaken compassion in ours. At least it does mine.

Music Video: Wouldn't Know Love

Here's a song I wrote a couple of years ago and am just getting around to using in concerts. It's really a song for all those people who want love and are afraid of it at the same time. You see it in the "I don't need anyone" kind of stances people take. We were meant for intimacy, but after the pain of "romance" a lot of people just give up the search.

Feedback is welcome.


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