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Brace yourself for something refreshing!

Friends keep me up on talented young players. Enter Erik Mongrain...

This guy's a blast to watch. The part the really gets me is watching him as he realizes the crowd is with him. In fact, the audience is standing to listen as if they felt the need to express their respect. I think you'll agree it is merited.



Here's a look at the band

From left to right, Marj (sound and A/V) and Russ (guitar/keys/voice) Speiser, Matt Keller (lead guitar/voice) me (guitar/bass/voice) and Ruth (keys/voice) Robinson.

If you're reading the Journey So Far, you've already seen the poster I threw together without any real photos for it. It works.

Musically we start rehearsing this week. It'll be good to get a sense of just what we can do together. We've all played together before, but this is a first unplugged and without a drummer. We'll keep it initimate and hope everyone enjoys it.


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